Ferrum Network — powered by blockchain DeFi ecosystem interoperable across chains.

Hello crypto fellas, today I am gonna shortly introduce my another great low market cap pick for 2021. In moment of writing the market cap of Ferrum Network ($FRM) is about 17.000.000$ and by coingecko rank it is on #355 position with the price of 0.147$. What is Ferrum Network? It’s a complete DeFi ecosystem that interoperates across chains and want to break down all the barriers to mass adoption. They already supporting more than 45 projects with their staking technology and that number is keep growing! Total value locked on their products is already more than 25.000.000$. Ferrum Network has their own wallet ’UniFyre Wallet’ which allows their customers to easy swap and asset transfers. They also have an opportunity for staking and earning high yields on many different assets. Their Token Bridge provides a simple and secure means of moving assets between Ethereum network and Binance Chain and is used by thousands of users and multiple projects. They also provide for their holders possibility to participate in first incubator which combine a decentralized fundraising model with a full suite of DeFi technology to ensure a project’s success from pre-launch through scaling. The ‘Foundry’ incubator not only brings top new projects into their ecosystem, but FRM holders directly benefit by getting early access to the best new projects chosen and supported by them.

Ferrum is one of the best performing assets in 2020!

Team behind Ferrum Network is legit and viewable https://ferrum.network/about-us/:

    Founder, CEO and Lead Developer — ex Amazon, Microsoft and Bloomberg

Summary of Ferrum token utilities:

  • DeFi Staking - Flexible staking up to 50% APY!


This team and project looks really promising and it’s still in really early stage. I have a really, really big faith in their future growth. This project and their token in my mind have a really big grow potential for 2021. I hope that 2021 will be a good year for crypto and for Ferrum Network as well. Ofcourse those are my own opinions, not a financial advice. Greetings!

My Ratings:

Vision: 5/5

Updates: 5/5

Partnerships: 5/5

Team: 5/5

Overall assessment: 5/5!



Long-term blockchain early projects investor 😎 #BTC #cro $HEX $DOT $DMST $ALBT $LTO $NOIA $ROSE $ROCKS $DOS $DFI building @ http://altcoinhunter.pl

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Long-term blockchain early projects investor 😎 #BTC #cro $HEX $DOT $DMST $ALBT $LTO $NOIA $ROSE $ROCKS $DOS $DFI building @ http://altcoinhunter.pl